Aviation Examinations

  • An applicant for a written examination must gain a minimum of 70% of the possible marks in order to pass the examination.
  • All examinations are multi-choice questions and are computer based .
  • Examination venues are located in Wanaka, Dunedin and Invercargill


Flight Radio Telephone Operator Rating

This subject deals with the use of the aircraft radio and includes:
  • The phonetic alphabet
  • How to obtain air traffic control clearances, etc
  • How to communicate with ground and other air stations

PPL – 40 minutes, $90.30

Aviation Law and Publications

Full knowledge of legal responsibilities is essential for any pilot, whether they are a recreational pilot or a professional pilot. Courses cover all aspects of aviation law and publications for the recreational pilot and up to commercial pilot.

PPL – 70 minutes, $90.30
CPL – 120 minutes, $150.20

Human Factors

This subject deals with the human element within aviation. It includes:
  • Aeronautical decision-making,
  • Pilot judgement
  • Situational awareness
  • Crew resource management
  • Aviation medicine

PPL – 40 minutes, $90.30
CPL – 90 minutes, $150.20


Sound navigational skills are vital for any pilot. Theory courses cover basic navigation and flight planning techniques required for the private pilot, while the commercial pilot will learn more detailed methods of flight navigation.

PPL – 70 minutes, $90.30
CPL – 180 minutes, $150.20


A comprehensive understanding of weather patterns and weather systems is of great importance to flight safety. As a private pilot you will learn how to read weather forecasts and reports within N.Z. As a commercial pilot you will learn the weather patterns and systems affecting the South Pacific area, and the global weather pattern.

PPL – 70 minutes, $90.30
CPL – 120 minutes, $150.20

Aircraft Technical Knowledge

This subject deals with a variety of areas, such as how piston engines and aircraft instruments work, how aircraft are designed and how the systems operate.
A study of the aircraft’s operational systems gives the pilot a sound knowledge on engine handling aspects.

PPL – 90 minutes, $90.30
CPL – 120 minutes, $150.20

Principals Of Flight

A thorough understanding of this subject is as interesting as it is important. How and why an aeroplane flies is studied in this subject.

CPL – 120 minutes, $150.20

English Language Proficiency Demonstration

The Level 6 Proficiency Demonstration is a semi-direct speaking test in three parts:
Part 1 – One question to elicit an opinion on some aspect of flying.
Part 2 – Three prompts about more specific aspects of aviation.
Part 3 – Two prompts to elicit a concise explanation of a situation requiring urgent action.

PPL – 10 minutes, $133.00