About us

We are the Flight Training Specialists Ace Aviation is owned and operated by Chief Flying Instructor, Kerry Conner, a very experienced career instructor. Kerry’s 30 year’s plus experience includes:- Commercial scenic/charter flying, aerial photography and flight training in New Zealand’s climatic


Additional Training

OTHER THINGS YOU CAN LEARN WITH US   Partner Training Have you got a partner who is not sure about flying? Doesn’t understand what is going on in the cockpit? Wants to know what you are doing? Do you sometimes

From novice to Commercial pilot flight training:

  • Private Pilot's License
  • Commercial Pilot's License
  • Taildragger Type rating
  • Biennial Flight Review
  • Mountain Flying
  • Foreign License Validation
  • Microlight Training
  • Strip Flying

You will experience:

  • A friendly + professional environment
  • Expert, knowledgeable + qualified staff who will make you feel comfortable + secure
  • One-on-one individualised training
  • Personal achievement

If you are learning to fly recreationally or professionally taildragger flight time is a definite advantage if you are considering a career in:

  • Agricultural Flying
  • Glider Towing
  • Parachuting ratings (in association with Skydive Wellington)
  • Float and Ski Plane Operations
  • Vintage or Warbird Flying

Our trainers will guide you with

  • Personal performance
  • Goal achievement
  • Recording your own progress